Teenager girl taking a sexy selfie

Teenagers & Sexuality

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Teenagers & Sexuality — What's Typical, What's Not, How to Respond and Your Role

Teens these days have so much more information about sexuality than most of us ever did! When you understand typical adolescent development, what to expect in terms of healthy sexuality and your role working with teens, everyone is safer.

You will learn:

  • The difference between puberty and adolescence so you understand what’s going on in their minds and bodies
  • Common emotional and social concerns in adolescence
  • How to identify “Pink Flag” behaviors and potential signs of abuse
  • The prevalence of dating violence among teens
  • Appropriate conversations with teens about sexuality and your boundaries and limits
  • Tips and scripts for interacting with teens


  • This class is 45 minutes up to two hours, including Q and A
  • Highly interactive including one-on-one and small group discussions, case study evaluations, and practice using scripts.
  • Handouts, evaluations, certificates and resources are part of the deal
  • Advertising materials
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As a child psychologist, Amy’s training is honestly some of the best professional development I have ever taken! This information was glaringly absent from my own professional training program and I feel so much better-equipped to handle the sexual behaviors that inevitably come up in my work with kids.

Amanda Lindley
School Psychologist

Teenagers & Sexuality — What's Typical, What's Not, How to Respond and Your Role

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Two teenagers exhibiting sexual behavior in teens

Sexual Behavior in Children & Teens

When to Really Worry

Know the different phases of child and teen sexual development, common and uncommon behaviors, and how to effectively talk to kids who are behaving this way.

Preschoolers playing doctor

Preschoolers, Private Parts & Playmates

Sexual Behavior in Young Children

When you know what kinds of behaviors are typical for this age group and how to talk to parents about it, everyone is safer.

Understanding the new world of gender & sexual orientation

Understanding the New World of Gender & Sexual Orientation

There are a lot of new ideas, terms, and information about gender and sexual orientation.

When staff understands this new language and perspective, it makes it easier for them to connect to LGBTQ kids, even if this information is new to them.

Teacher creating a kid-safe workplace

Kid-Safe Workplace

"Red Flags" and Warning Signs in Adults and Staff

An informed staff is a safer staff. When you and your staff know what to watch out for in other adults and are empowered to talk about it, everyone is safer.