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Hi! I'm Amy Lang and I love to talk about sexuality!

And I’ve been talking about it since 1991.

Here's my story.

Amy Lang with her grown son

Sexual health education and counseling were my passion for over 16 years and after we had our baby in 2000, I assumed I’d be a total pro at the birds and bees talks.

The minute I thought my kiddo was going to ask me a question about their penis I totally freaked-out.

Freaked. Out.

(And I know all about penises and how they work and where they go, even – I bet you have a pretty good idea too!)

I was unprepared for "The Talk."

When it came time to talk to my child about sex I was totally unprepared for the conversations.

  • I didn’t know how much to tell him.
  • I didn’t know what to tell him.
  • I didn’t know when to tell him or even how to tell him.

Sound familiar?

Amy Lang with her young family
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I am on a mission to help every kid grow up to be a whole, healthy and happy human. 

Amy Lang (She/Her)

So, I figured it all out.

Once I had figured it out for my family and my kid, I put those years of sexual health education, my new-found knowledge and my Masters degree in adult education to work and created Birds & Bees & Kids in 2006.

And then ...

After I started my company, our wonderful childcare provider was wrongly accused of molesting a child. This event inspired me to teach folks who work directly with children about childhood sexual development and sexual abuse prevention.

A few more things about me.

I am a white, cisgender woman and married to a man. I am also…

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  • A parent
  • American
  • Educated
  • Secular
  • Liberal
  • Very direct
  • And have a potty mouth

I am also sex positive. This means I see sexuality as a wonderful and important part of life and I wholeheartedly embrace all sexual identities, genders, family structures and ethical relationship styles.

Sexuality is a charged topic with multiple perspectives and beliefs. I make every effort to make sure folks feel seen, heard and comfortable as they are learning.

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It is a joy to work with Amy. She quickly makes a difficult subject safe to talk about with her wit, humor, and honesty.

Joelle Pfeiffer
Chief HR Officer for the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County (Greater Seattle)

Are you ready to learn more about how to keep kids safer from sexual abuse?