Progressive Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Practical guidance to protect kids

Playing Doctor. Potty Talk. Penis Meetings.

Let’s get to the bottom of sexual behavior in young kids!

We use healthy and typical sexual development in kids as a guide instead of old-school signs and symptoms.

Get no-brainer assessment tools, guidelines and scripts so staff can use best practices to handle incidents.

Young girls playing doctor with her brother
Young girls playing doctor with her brother

Won't it be great when you ...

  • Can quickly and confidently assess whether a child has been abused?
  • Clearly know what is reportable
  • Look forward to your mandatory sexual abuse prevention training? 
  • No longer yell or shame when correcting sexual behaviors and use kind, firm and effective language?
  • Know how to talk with caregivers without freaking them out? 

Ready to learn how to keep the kids in your care safer?

A new twist on an old problem can make a big difference! 

staff member feeling empowered to assess whether child has been abused

When the focus is on healthy behaviors, concerning behaviors clearly stand out.

Caregiver using effective language to correct child's sexual behavior

Know just what to say to correct behaviors without yelling or shaming.

Woman talking to caregivers

Empowers people to confidently speak up when they suspect abuse and get children help ASAP.

Happy girl talking to her teacher

Over and under reporting is reduced because everyone knows the real “red flags”.

Learn more about healthy childhood sexual development.

Free download - Healthy Sexuality in Children and Teens

What can happen when old-school "signs & symptoms" sexual abuse prevention training is used?

  • Adults freak out because they think most sexual behaviors are signs of abuse when this is usually not the case
  • Children are punished for normal curiosity which can lead to sexual behaviors going “underground”
  • Staff tend to report less because they don’t want to cause problems for themselves, the organization or the family
  • Because they’ve heard it all before staff is bored to tears during these dated trainings.

Would you like to learn more?

Sexual abuse prevention training can feel like a massive undertaking.

Just the thought of this topic stresses everyone out. With our focus on healthy and typical behaviors and casual and engaging teaching style, your staff will be more comfortable and feel much more confident about handling sexual behaviors. Read Amy's story.

Need more info about healthy childhood sexual development? 

Free download - Healthy Sexuality in Children and Teens

What we are great at ...

  • Creating a fun (really!) and down-to-earth learning environment designed for adult learners
  • Increasing comfort and decreasing anxiety about this difficult topic
  • Direct, simple, no-BS communication style that increases retention
  • Practical guidelines, tools and tips that staff can put right to use
  • Making a really hard topic much easier
Teacher working with child after Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Protect kids in your care

Knowing healthy and typical sexual behaviors is key to prevention. Adults will get a kid help sooner because they are clear when it’s needed.

Caregiver working with children after Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Protect your staff

An informed staff is an empowered staff. Common thinking and language makes everyone safer. 

Community leader talking to a parent about sexual abuse prevention

Be a leader

Become the go-to organization for families in your community. When your entire organization has progressive abuse prevention training — it shows.

Professional caregiver providing sexual abuse prevention support to parents

Support parents

Encouraging parents to talk with their children about bodies and boundaries is key. When they talk with their kids about consent and sexuality their kids’ risk of sexual abuse is less.

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 Amy’s training is always the most talked about one of the year!  

She has a fantastic way of educating the staff so they become better equipped to handle sexual behaviors in kids. Her style and content take all the guesswork out of finding the perfect specialist to train about a very difficult topic because she’s it! 

Lindsey Kiser MA
Lead Training and Curriculum Specialist, Tinker Air Force Base

Ready to learn more about sexual abuse prevention training?